GenDeck: Towards a HoloDeck with Text-to-3D Model Generation


Generative Artificial Intelligence has the potential to substantially transform the way 3D content for Extended Reality applications is produced. Specifically, the development of text-to-3D and image-to-3D generators with increasing visual fidelity and decreasing computational costs is thriving quickly. Within this work, we present GenDeck, a proof-of-concept application to experience text-to-3D model generation inside an immersive Virtual Reality environment.




Main Video


Manual Weid, Navid Khezrian, Aparna Pindali Mana, Forouzan Farzinnejad & Jens Grubert. GenDeck: Towards a HoloDeck with Text-to-3D Model Generation. In Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces 2024, pp. 1184-1185. preprint | teaser video | main video