Dual Camera AR for Sketching


One challenge of supporting in-situ sketching tasks with Magic Lenses on handheld Augmented Reality systems is to provide accurate and robust pose tracking without disrupting the sketching experience. Typical tracking approaches rely on the back-facing camera both for tracking and providing the view of the physical scene. This typically requires a fiducial to be in the scene, which can disrupt the sketching experience on a blank sheet of paper. We address this challenge by proposing a Dual Camera Magic Lens approach. Specifically, we use the front facing camera for tracking while the back camera concurrently provides the view of the scene.ented scene. This allows content creators to augment a scene only once and avoid continous manual updates. We implemented several protoypes for authors and for consumers of augmented print media.



Klen Copic Pucihar, Jens Grubert & Matjaz Kljun. Dual Camera Magic Lens for Handheld AR Sketching. In Proceedings INTERACT 2015 (pp. 523-527). preprint | poster | video | doi