Towards Open-Source Web-Based 3D Reconstruction for Non-Professionals


Structure-from-motion and multi-view stereo can be used to create 3D models from image sequences, but are not widely adopted by consumers. We study how to address two challenges of such systems for non-professional users: 1) their technical complexity, and, 2) the computational demand needed for processing. To this end, we embed the open-source pipeline AliceVision in a scalable cloud environment and create a user interface aimed at non-professional users of photogrammetry systems. Finally, we evaluate both the cloud-based infrastructure and the user interface and demonstrate its usability.


AWS Pipeline
Structure of the cloud architecture embedding using AWS components. AliceVision is used as the photogrammetry backend inside the EC2 compute environments.
Start page of the web-based user interface
Start page of the web-based user interface.


Oliver Dietz & Jens Grubert. Towards Open-Source Web-based 3D Reconstruction for Non-Professionals. Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 169, 2022. DOI